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Terms and conditions

1) We do not allow ads including sexually explicit taunts in non-sexually oriented sections!!! Accounts of users violating this restriction will be suspended without prior notification.

2) We forbid using of obscene and vulgar words in all sections. We do not allow ads supporting discrimination of groups or individuals, promoting communism, illegal activities, etc. In addition to this we will not host ads discrediting EP, e.g. including links to competitive sites!!! Accounts of users violating the above mentioned rules will be suspended without prior notification

3) We do not allow uploading picture files larger than 20 kB. Otherwise tag <img> will be forbidden.

4) We forbid submitting ads with sponsor references or references to pages including blind links to sponsor pages. Accounts of these advertisers will be blocked immediately.

5) We forbid to enter ads of commercial character. Their publication is possible for a price of US$ 10.00 per month. For further information contact The following ads are not considered commercial: offers of cooperation, search for participants on various projects, etc. However, ads searching for employees, employment, offerings of goods or services are considered to be of a commercial nature.

6) We are not responsible for the contents of ads. Person submitting the ad is responsible for its contents.

7) We forbid publication of telephone numbers.

8) We reserve the right to inform you on more significant changes or extensions of services on our web through a short email message. This will be used only occasionally if absolutely necessary.

Should you have any questions or comments please send email to:

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